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AEC Magazine 09 2009

AEC Magazine 09 2009
Magazine | PDF File | 10.3 Mo | 36 pages
While Autodesk’s building products are rapidly centring on the Revit suite, its AEC division offers an

exceptionally broad range of tools for civil engineering and plant design.


Traditional Home 10/2009

Traditional Home 10/2009
Magazine | PDF File | 158 Mo | 202 pages
How to transform a home into a victorian home, create a comfortable second

home, interior design ideas, and how to make a sassy sorbet.

Style At Home 2010 06

Style At Home 2010 06
MAGAZINE  | PDF FILE  | 51.1 MO | 189 pages
inviting summer interiors, tips for international cottage style, and guest cabin essentials. And much more:

Donna Hay’s semifreddo recipes, beautiful accessories and our cross-Canada shopping guide.

New York – Spaces – 2009 03

New York – Spaces – 2009 03
MAGAZINE  | PDF FILE  | 46.0 MO | 148 pages
Gather the family together for an enticing meal around this gorgeous wood dining table from the Eureka Collection. This beautiful collection of dining room furniture has an outstanding modern design and high quality

craftsmanship. Each piece if made from solid hardwood and has a rich dark pecan finish that can coordinate with almost any color, curtains, or decor.

Kitchens & Baths vol-18 n°7

Kitchens & Baths vol-18 n°7
Magazine | PDF File | 27.7 Mo | 116 pages
Aimed at the kitchen and bath industry, Kitchen & Bath Design News contains regular columns on industry

trends, new products, business strategies, sales, and showrooms. It also features a buyer’s guide, profiles of designers and projects, and classified ads.

Fine Wood Working n°202

Fine Wood Working n°202
MAGAZINE  | PDF FILE  | 36.7 MO | 53 pages
Many have heard the old Copenhagen snuff ad that stated, “Sooner or later it

is Copenhagen!”. Well, that is exactly how it goes with Fine Woodworking. Some say it isn’t filled with enough projects and they are too difficult, some say the articles are way too technical, and even others say that the reviews are too critical. Response: Yes and no. If you don’t want your tools to last a lifetime, then the

reviews are too critical. If you want a project that you can be proud of your entire life and look at with pride, knowing it will become a family heirloom, then the projects are not to difficult, and after you spend 100 hours building something and another 30 to 50 hours sanding and finishing it, there aren’t too few. And if you sincerely believe that ignorance is bliss, and education is the root of evil, then yes the articles are too technicle.

Habitat Issue n°2

Habitat Issue n°2
MAGAZINE  | PDF FILE  | 32.2 MO | 134 pages
Get decorating ideas, information and decorating inspiration from Resene Paints Habitat magazine.


Garden Design October/November 2006

Garden Design October/November 2006
MAGAZINE  | PDF FILE  | 42.9 MO | 119 pages
Garden Design Magazine is a publication dedicated to the planting, care, and display of plants, shrubs, trees, flowers, etc. This magazine ranks as one of the best known publication about general landscaping and it offers

some nice ideas for shrubbery, plants, and general enhancements that can add greatly to your home’s curb appeal.

Furniture World 11 07 2009

Furniture World 11 07 2009
Magazine | PDF File | 10.4 Mo | 68 pages
One of Broyhill’s most successful groups continues with new pieces. This whole-home collection captures the

essence of treasured time-worn furniture passed down for generations.

Dwell June 2009

Dwell June 2009
Magazine | PDF File | 33.5 Mo | 141 pages
This magazine is definitely geared toward the urban loft dweller, but I like how they highlight homes with families in mind as well. Individual issues are often focused on either geographic or utility-related themes, thus keeping a library mandatory for future reference. The photography is superb. If you are tired of design

magazines that seem to be talking specifically to designers,this is a great, reasonably priced alternative for people who simply appreciate great design. Highly recommended.