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Magic cakes N1-2006

Magic cakes N1-2006

Ebook Pdf Format , 33 Pages , 8.54 Mo


Meine Familie & ich – 6-2009

Meine Familie & ich – 6-2009

Ebook Pdf Format , 52 Pages , 52.5 Mo

Choumicha – Les feuilletes

Choumicha – Les feuilletes

 Briouates au fromage, briouates au poulet et aux amandes, cigares aux crevettes, cigares à la viande hachée et aux crevettes, feuilletés à la viande hachée, cigares aux crevettes et aux légumes, cigares au surimi, cigares au thon, cigares au poulet, cigares au poulet et à l’oignon, mhancha à la viande hachée, pastillas aux fruits de mer, pastillas aux légumes, pastilla au poisson et à la crème, rghaifs farcies aux épinards, rghaifs farcies à la viande hachée, rghaifs aux amandes, pastilla aux fruits frais, pastilla aux amandes

Ebook Pdf Format , 34 Pages , 33.8 Mo

Joy of Cooking: All About Salads & Dressings

Joy of Cooking: All About Salads & Dressings
Sixty years after Irma Rombauer advised new cooks to “Stand facing the stove,” America’s love affair with Joy of Cooking continues unabated. And why not? Joy in hand, tens of millions of people — from novices to professionals — have learned to do everything from make a meat loaf to clean a squid to frost a wedding cake. For decades, Joy of Cooking has taught America how to cook, serving as the standard against which all other cookbooks are judged.All About Salads & Dressings upholds that standard. While keeping the conversational and instructional manner of the flagship book, All About Salads & Dressings is organized by salad type including green; vegetable and savory fruit; bean and grain; fish and shellfish; meat and poultry — with such delicious classics and exciting innovations as Caesar Salad; Thai Beef Salad; Grilled Swordfish, Tangerine, and Jícama Salad; Tomato and Mozzarella Salad; Hot Apple Slaw; and Three-Bean Salad. And don’t forget the dressings: everything from Basic Vinaigrette to creamy Green Goddess Dressing is covered. With a full primer on varieties of lettuce and suggestions for garnishing, All About Salads & Dressings illustrates how much more there is to salad than just lettuce.Whether you belong to one of the millions of American households that already own a copy (or two) of Joy, or you have never cracked the spine of a cookbook before, Joy of Cooking: All About Salads & Dressings is for you. It is a spectacular achievement, worthy of its name. Joy has never been more beautiful. 

Ebook Pdf Format , 132 Pages , 49.2 Mo

elGourmet No.36

elGourmet No.36

La revista es la referente indiscutida de los placeres de la mesa y el buen vivir. Los chefs y sus creaciones, las últimas novedades en vinos y bebidas, viajes increíbles y entrevistas especiales. Para paladares exigentes

Ebook Pdf Format , 100 Pages , 12.6 Mo

Postes y dulces N°56

Postes y dulces N°56
Ebook Pdf Format , 22 Pages , 929 ko

Die leckersten Ideen mit Brot

Die leckersten Ideen mit Brot

Ebook Pdf Format , 148 Pages , 10.4 Mo

Accademia Italiana della Cucina Giugno Nr.217

Accademia Italiana della Cucina Giugno Nr.217

Ebook Pdf Format , 81 Pages , 1.60 Mo

Guide Culinaire Lesieur

Guide Culinaire Lesieur

Ebook Pdf Format , 98 Pages , 20.4 Mo

Weight Watchers – Comer Mejor

Weight Watchers – Comer Mejor

Ebook Pdf Format , 32 Pages , 19.8 Mo