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Magic cakes N1-2006

Magic cakes N1-2006

Ebook Pdf Format , 33 Pages , 8.54 Mo


A Baker’s Field Guide to Cupcakes

A Baker’s Field Guide to Cupcakes

 From kid-friendly recipes, such as Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes (Fourth of July) and Hairy Spider Cupcakes (Halloween), to more sophisticated adult recipes, such as Champagne Cupcakes (New Year’s Eve) and Irish Coffee Cupcakes (St. Patrick’s Day), A Baker’s Field Guide to Cupcakes has the perfect recipe for every occasion. Each of the 60 easy-to-make recipes is accompanied by a beautiful photograph and organized by holiday in calendar order, including recipes for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, graduations, baby showers, office parties, picnics, and more. And with 15 master recipes for batters and frostings on which the recipes are built, each batch of perfectly delectable cupcakes can be personalized according to taste.

Ebook Pdf Format , 164 Pages , 32.7 Mo

Cake Decorating Secrets Of The Pros – Wilton

Cake Decorating Secrets Of The Pros – Wilton

Ebook Pdf Format , 228 Pages , 71.8 Mo

Magic Cakes N°01-2003

Magic Cakes N°01-2003

Ebook Pdf Format , 44 Pages , 4.92 Mo

The Big Book Of Baking

The Big Book Of Baking
With more than 700 classic recipes, “The Big Book of Baking” is unique for both for the huge number and range of recipes offered as well as for the clarity and ease with which they are explained. With every recipe rated with 1(simple), 2(fairly simple), or 3 (complicated), home bakers at every level will find recipes they can be sure of alongside others that will challenge their culinary skills.

Ebook Pdf Format , 322 Pages , 116 Mo

Cakes & Bakes

Cakes & Bakes
A mouthwatering collection of over 50 recipes for dreamy cakes and bakes

Ebook Pdf Format , 97 Pages , 16.9 Mo

American Cake Decorating june-july 2009

American Cake Decorating june-july 2009 

Ebook Pdf Format , 57 Pages , 10.3 Mo

American Cake Decorating Feb-Mar 2009

American Cake Decorating Feb-Mar 2009

Ebook Pdf Format , 60 Pages , 18.4 Mo

Dr. Oetker – Schichttorten

Dr. Oetker – Schichttorten
Sie kennen bishier nur Schichtsalate, die ja bekanntlich erst am zweiten Tag so richtig gut schmecken? Dann wird es Zeit, dass Sie sich von völlig neuen Schichttorten überraschen lassen!Köstliche Teigschichten verbinden sich mit Aufsehen erregenden Füllungen zu einem unglaublichen Geschmackserlebnis. Und was besonders praktisch ist: Schichttorten lassen sich hervorragend vorbereiten. Einfach die Böden vorbacken unddie Torte am Vortag zusammensetzen. Schichttorten, das ist Schicht für Schicht ein Hochgenuss! 

Ebook Pdf Format , 127 Pages , 10.2 Mo

Professional Cake Decorating

Professional Cake Decorating

Cake decorating is an art with specific skills that must be studied and practiced before they can be mastered. Professional Cake Decorating is the first guidebook, reference, and at-your-fingertips resource to the special methods and techniques unique to cake decorating.

Ebook Pdf Format , 369 Pages , 18.5 Mo